What is the Booster Juice Fundraising Program?

Booster Juice National Fundraising Program is a year-round fundraising program offering whereby schools, sports groups, day care centres, preschools, medical causes and non-profit organizations purchase vouchers from Booster Juice at a discounted price ($3.75) and then sell them for a suggested price of $5.00 so that they make a $1.25 profit per voucher for their group.   Questions? email us at

How do I get Started?

Visit the link below:
Step one: set up your organization for approval, once approved you will receive a confirmation email.
Step 2: go on-line and order your coupons.
Step 3: you will receive a confirmation letter & shipping information once an order is filled. Step 4: Coupons will be sent directly to you. 

Please click here to order your vouchers.