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Booster Juice President & CEO Presents a Big Cheque

Booster Juice President & CEO Presents a Big Cheque

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The JDRF Receives $50,000

July 22 was a great day for Booster Juice President & CEO, Dale S. Wishewan as he presented a cheque to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation for $50,000.  The $50,000 was raised on Booster Juice's Customer Appreciation Day in which a portion of all sales was going to this great charity.


For over 40 years, JDRF has been a global leader in the search for an end to type 1 diabetes (T1D), through both research funding and advocacy. During that time, they have always talked about a cure as a singular destination: a return to normal physiology.  But today, they realize that they are engaged in a process of curing T1D – that a cure is not just a destination but also a journey along a path. And they recognize that a part of their mission must be to help those living with T1D today to live healthier, easier, and safer lives until we all arrive at the end of that path.


For more information on the JDRF, please visit


Left: Barbara Armstrong, Regional Manager, JDRF - Northern & Central Alberta & NWT

Middle: Patrick McCormack, JDRF - Chair of the Edmonton Chapter Leadership Board

Right: Dale S. Wishewan, Booster Juice - President & CEO

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