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Booster Juice Raises $50,000 for The Mike Weir Foundation

Booster Juice Raises $50,000 for The Mike Weir Foundation

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Another Successful Campaign

Another successful campaign has just wrapped up at Booster Juice locations across the country. Over the past month, Booster Juice and its’ customers have donated a total of $50,000 towards The Mike Weir Foundation. “I am really proud of our staff in that they were able to rise to the challenge of raising both contributions and awareness for The Mike Weir Foundation,” said Dale S. Wishewan, President & CEO of Booster Juice. He added, “The team at The Mike Weir Foundation do an amazing job at ensuring the money raised is directed to the most worthwhile causes in the community.”
The Mike Weir Foundation has been established and exists to support children’s wellness – emotional, educational and physical wellness. Through the support of many generous donors small specialized charities and large children’s hospitals have benefitted from the efforts and giving of the Foundation. “On behalf of my family, I want to personally thank the customers and staff of Booster Juice locations across Canada for their support of The Mike Weir Foundation,” said Mike Weir when Dale presented him with the cheque for $50,000. He went on to add, “I am honoured that people share the vision of our foundation and truly every dollar does make a difference in the lives of children in need.”

Pictured below:

Dale S. Wishewan, Booster Juice President & CEO presents cheque to Mike Weir


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