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Booster Juice the only Canadian Franchisor to Make the List

Booster Juice the only Canadian Franchisor to Make the List

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Booster Juice has been listed as one of the top six airport Franchisors in North America

Only one month into 2014 and Booster Juice is off to another great year.  Airport Revenue News has selected Booster Juice as one of the top six airport franchisors in North America.  Booster Juice currently has two locations in the Edmonton International Airport, two at the Ottawa International airport, one at the Halifax International Airport and one at the Bangalore International Airport in India. 

“We have worked hard to ensure that customers are getting the same great products and service at our airport locations as they would at any of our over 320 locations around the world,” said Glenn Tucker, Booster Juice’s Director of International & Non-traditional Development.  He added, “We are looking forward to expanding into a number of other airports across Canada in the next 12 – 24 months.  I want to ensure that our premium Smoothies are available to travelers throughout the country.  It makes us especially proud to be the only Canadian Franchisor selected for this prestigious list.”
Voting is still taking place to select one recipient as the top company in this category.  To see the full lineup of categories, visit:


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