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Canadian Franchise Association Hall of Fame Award

Canadian Franchise Association Hall of Fame Award

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Booster Juice Recognized at National Award Ceremony

Last night at the Canadian Franchise Association convention in Niagara Falls, Dale S. Wishewan, Booster Juice President & CEO, was presented with the prestigious Hall of Fame award. The Hall of Fame award is presented in recognition of outstanding performance by a franchise company over a significant period of time. Winners typically have high brand recognition (on either a regional or national scope) and will be generally recognized for their solid business performance.They exhibit leadership in the franchise community in many ways including helping to encourage excellence through sharing best practices, speaking engagements, being willing to mentor new franchisors, and raising the profile of the franchise business model. 


While these milestone achievements reflect the passion and hard work demonstrated day in and day out by our Franchise Partners, our store employees and our corporate support staff, it also is a clear indication of how highly respected Dale is within the business community and the Canadian Food Service landscape.This is positive affirmation of Dale’s leadership and vision in starting a small Smoothie store 14 years ago in Sherwood Park, AB that has now grown to over 300 stores in five countries. 


Thank you to all our customers for your continued support and allowing us to provide you with great Smoothies, great food, fresh squeezed juices, and many other healthy options.


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