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Check out this video diary!

Check out this video diary!

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Jose Bautista opens his first Booster Juice location

As you may or may not know, on June 30, 2014, baseball star Jose Bautista joined the Booster Juice family as a Franchise Partner when he purchased the Bloor Street West location in Toronto. The turnover of the store couldn’t have gone any better and we are happy to let you know that we happened to capture the festivities of the day on video. We wanted to ensure that all of you that couldn’t be there could share in the excitement of the store reopening under Jose’s ownership and what that means to Booster Juice. This was a great day in that Booster Juice was one of the top trending topics on social media during the entire day, plus we received some great TV coverage.


Here is a link to the video capturing the day:


Thank you to all the customers and fans that came out that day to support this fun event.

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