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A DAY IN THE LIFE – “Business Boost” – Franchise Canada Magazine May/June 2013

Miguel Aguila, Booster Juice store owner in Vaughan, Ontario is featured in this month’s CFA Magazine.  Miguel’s passion and enthusiasm for the brand, product, and concept is what motivates him to work hard, engage his employees, provide superior customer service, and succeed.   Miguel’s business degree has been an asset for managing operations, accounting, and marketing of his store, but he believes that anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit can achieve success by owning a franchise – “as long as you believe in what you are selling”. Miguel builds rapport with his staff and empowers them to create a positive customer service experience.  To further generate brand awareness in his community, Miguel ensures each customer is greeted when they enter and makes tremendous efforts to participate in community charity and sporting events.  We are pleased to announce that Miguel will be opening his second location this month in Greenwin Square in the heart of midtown Toronto.A DAY IN THE LIFE 

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